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Our Flexible Programs

  • Engineering Flex

Built to get you a career in full-stack web development. Study HTML, CSS and JavaScript online at a pace that works for you, and perfect your portfolio with a team of career coaches at your side.

  • Data Science Flex

Launch a long-term career in data and machine learning. Use SQL and Python in projects that reflect real-life scenarios as we prepare you to succeed in this highly advanced profession.

  • Data Analytics Flex

Become a highly-paid data analyst in six months. Learn to collect, manage and visualize data in a business setting, and partner with a team of career coaches to hone your networking and interview skills.

  • UX/UI Flex

Learn career-ready skills in research, design, and teamwork on your path to a high-paying role in UX/UI. A project-based curriculum, seasoned UX instructors, and interview prep take you from newbie to hired and beyond.

  • Product Management Flex

Make the most of your communications and analytical abilities as you learn how to lead a product management cycle. Get the hard and soft skills necessary to earn job offers and promotions as you work on real-world projects, and take advantage of ongoing career coaching.