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We would love to hear from you.You can request cracks,keygens,serial keys or any other thing.Some limitations are listed below

Following types of messages or requests will be sent to trash (we don’t even read them,reasons are given)

  • Facebook/Twitter or any other web site hackers – there are no such things, don’t be dumb
  • Survey Bypassers or methods – surveys are not a case of us..we don’t interact with them anyway
  • iTunes/Ebay/Skype code generators – there are no such kind of software, again don’t be dumb
  • Money making softwares/ PayPal Bitcoin Generators – dude just work hard and earn money
  • Highly Compressed games or Operating Systems – upgrade you internet connection please

Note : Our request section is overloaded ! We will not be able to reply you even though we read most of the messages.

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